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Software Description

Software Description: DBMS/COPY is a tool for transferring data between software programs such as spreadsheets, databases and statistical programs.

Platform: Windows
Cost: No charge

DBMS/Copy 8.0 for Windows

  DBMS/Copy Overview

DBMS/COPY is a tool for transferring data between software programs such as spreadsheets, databases and statistical programs including SAS, SPSS, JMP, S-Plus, SigmaStat and Stata. DBMS/COPY directly reads and writes the native binary files of over 80 packages. DBMS/COPY’s interactive ASCII Data Dictionary Builder is useful for working with ASCII files. DBMS/COPY takes care of dissimilar numeric types, date variables, time variables, null value and variable name truncation. The built-in batch processing can automate repetitive transfers.

In 2002, DBMS/Copy was acquired by SAS. SAS informed VCU that they were discontinuing development and support of DBMS/Copy effective November 1, 2008. Because VCU has a perpetual license for DBMS/Copy, it will be continued to be distributed to the VCU community until new data formats make it obsolete.   Note: The current release of DBMS/Copy is NOT supported under Microsoft VISTA or Windows 7.

 DBMS/Copy License Information

VCU has obtained a site license for dfPower DBMS/COPY 8.0 for Windows.

DBMS/COPY licenses are available free to current VCU faculty, staff and students for on campus use as a service provided by Technology Services. Also included in this license is DBMS/Explorer.

DBMS/Copy obtained under this site license can only be used on the VCU campus by current VCU faculty, staff and students.
Personal copies of DBMS/COPY are available by on campus download.  In addition, five (5) concurrent use licenses of DBMS/COPY  available for use by VCU researchers on the App2Go Server.

 Obtain a Personal Copy of DBMS/Copy

The DBMS/COPY download file is a self-extracting zip file containing many files.  When you double click on install_dbmscopy80.exe, by default it will extract these files into a directory called C:\dbmscopy8.

To install after extracting:
Select Start, Run...
In the Open box enter: C:\dbmscopy8\setup.exe
Press OK
After downloading DBMS/COPY, a serial number will be sent to your e-mail account.
The first time DBMS/COPY is run, you will be prompted to enter this serial number.

  Manuals & Training

Documentation for DBMS/COPY and DBMS/Explorer installs automatically. Manuals can be accessed by selecting the program menu: Help, Manuals On-line.
A PDF version of the dfPower DBMS/Copy 8.0 User's Guide is available on the program Help menu.

DBMS/Copy - Interactive Converting and Batch Mode - Yale
DBMS/Copy FAQ - Yale

 Installation Support

For assistance with installing or using DBMS/Copy, contact the IT Support Center.