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nQuery Advisor® + nTerim

Software Description: nQuery Advisor® + nTerim is the industry standard for Sample Size and Power determination.

Platform: Windows
Cost: No charge

nQuery Advisor + nTerim

 nQuery Advisor + nTerim Overview

nQuery Advisor + nTerim is software for Sample Size and Power Analysis for both fixed and group sequential designs. 

 nQuery License Information

VCU has obtained an nQuery Advisor +nTerim site license which permits use by current VCU faculty, staff and students for use both off and on campus.   In addition, five (5) concurrent use licenses of nQuery Advisor + nTerim are available by VCU researchers on the App2Go Server.

Obtain A Personal Copy of nQuery + nTerim

Installation instructions, including an activation key, are e-mailed to your VCU e-mail address after download.

Download nQuery Advisor + nTerim 4.0

Download nQuery Advisor + nTerim 3.0

Notes:  nQuery Advisor + nTerim must be installed by a login as an Administrator who has full permissions to access the registry.

 Use nQuery + nTerim on the App2Go Server

Using a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, you are able to access nQuery Advisor + nTerim via a browser window.  Five (5) concurrent use licenses of nQuery Advisor + nTerim are available for on campus use by VCU researchers on the App2Go Citrix Server.  Although nQuery Advisor + nTerim runs on the App2Go Server, it appears to be running on your PC.  You can open, save and print files from your PC.  Applications on the App2Go server are available to support research projects and are not intended for instructional use.

Current VCU faculty, staff, and students may access nQuery Advisor + nTerim on the App2Go Server for research.   Documentation on how to use of the App2Go Server will provide you details such as system requirements, installation, opening files, saving files and printing.

Renew an nQuery Advisor + nTerim License

nQuery Advisor + nTerim licenses for existing installations must be renewed annually.

Licenses expire annually on May 31st.

Renew nQuery Advisor + nTerim 4.0

Renew nQuery Advisor + nTerim 3.0

Those with older versions may upgrade to nQuery + nTerim 4.0.

Manuals & Training

Video Tutorials:

On-Demand Webinars


  • Manuals install automatically and are available within the program on the Help menu.


Contact the IT Support Center if you need assistance with the download, installation and licensing issues.