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Adobe Software

Software Description: This site provides faculty, staff and students access to educational discount prices on Adobe software such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Premiere, etc. 

Platform: Windows and Mac
Cost: Educational discount

Personal Purchase

Students may purchase Adobe software through the following vendors at an education discount. Faculty purchasing with university funds should use your department VIP or CLP Agreement for all acquisitions. There is a substantial savings when purchasing through the established agreements.  See VCU Departmental Purchase below.

VCU Departmental Purchase

There are two Adobe software discount programs in place at VCU for a departmental purchase, the Adobe VIP (Value Incentive Plan) Agreement for Creative Cloud subscriptions and the CLP (Cumulative Licensing Program) Agreement for the purchase of Adobe desktop perpetual product licenses. If you need information on the Adobe VIP and CLP Program at VCU, please the IT Service Management Office at for assistance.


Adobe VIP Agreement (Cloud Subscriptions)

The Adobe VIP Agreement provides discount prices for a subscription to Creative Cloud applications, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat DC, etc.  A perpetual license is available for Acrobat Pro DC under the CLP Agreement. Adobe VIP agreements have been set up for number of schools and departments at VCU, which are listed here.  Check with the contact listed to place a VIP order from an authorized Adobe VIP vendor. Contact the IT Service Management Office if you need assistance or your department is not listed.

VIP Subscription Types:

Creative Cloud applications are updated on a regular basis, providing the user with the latest version.  Subscriptions may be purchased by application or as a complete Creative Cloud Suite. Adobe provides two types of Cloud licenses, named user license and device license. Please specify the type of license subscription you wish purchase. 

Named User License - The license is assigned to the a named users.  The named user may install the software on two computer and access both at the same time. An Internet connection is required to activate the license and to connect every 99 days to maintain an active account. The license provides you with all the latest mobile apps, file sharing and syncing, 24/7 tech support, etc. 

Device License - The license is ideal for desktop computing labs and classroom computers. This license is assigned to the computer and may not be accessed from multiple locations. The device license will cost less than a named user license.

To purchase under the VIP agreement, you must obtain a quote from an authorized Adobe VIP vendor.  Provide the vendor with the VIP Contract Name (i.e., VCU - Technology Services, etc.) and VIP Agreement Number to confirm you qualify for VIP pricing.  Include the VIP information (agreement name and number) and the requester’s name and email on your purchase requisition.  Upon payment, Adobe will add the Cloud license to the VIP Portal, and the Primary Admin of the account will be notified by email. The VIP Admin will then assign the license to the requester.

Adobe VIP agreements are issued for one year and each has its own renewal date. There is a 30 day grace period beyond the renewal date.  A request for purchase may be made anytime within contract year, and will be prorated based on the renewal date.  All Cloud license will be available for a one year renewal upon approval from the VIP Admin on the renewal date.  It is the responsibility of the VIP Admin to confirm that all licenses will need to be maintained prior to renewal date. A license may be reassigned to another named user by the VIP Admin, if the named user leaves the university or is no longer in need of the application.


Adobe CLP Agreement (Perpetual Licenses)

One Adobe CLP Agreement has been established for VCU, which provides an education discount price for Adobe products with a perpetual license such as Acrobat, Captivate, RoboHelp, etc.  To secure a CLP contract price quote, provide your vendor with the CLP contract name and number, VA - Virginia Commonwealth University and the contact number, which is available through your Adobe VIP Admin or contact the IT Service Management Office. Include the CLP contract number on the requisition at the time of purchase, and the name and email of the license recipient(s).

Upon receipt of payment, Adobe will send an email to the requester providing the download information and license code.  Multiple license requests should be directed to all by the recipient of the email.  The license will be valid for the life of the product and serial number should be stored in a safe place. Download assistance may be provided by your technical support team.