Office 365 Policies & Back Up Procedure

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Office 365 OneDrive Access

All VCU students and employees have access to download Microsoft Office from the Office 365 website for free while they are actively enrolled or employed at the university. All students have access to OneDrive storage unless you are associated with the School of Medicine or School of Dentistry. If you transition to one of those schools or to an employee role at VCU, OneDrive will be deprovisioned after 30 days to allow adequate time to move data to another storage location. The following section describes the necessary steps to backup all OneDrive data.

OneDrive Back-Up Procedures

Login to your Office 365 account and enter your email address, <eID>, and your eID password. Click on the OneDrive icon to open your personal OneDrive storage.

  1. Click on the check mark just above the list of files to select all documents and files

  2. Click Download to save a zip file containing all of the documents

  3. Click on the saved zip file to open it and move the files to an appropriate location on your computer such as Documents or Desktop