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ScanIT2Go - Paper Survey Tools

Software Description: Checkout systems for creating paper surveys and scanning completed paper surveys.

Platform: Windows 7 Pro
Cost: No charge

Note: The application will be retired on November 18, 2017, and will no longer be available for use.

ScanIT2Go Overview

VCU has two ScanIT2Go systems available for checkout which provide the tools needed to create and scan paper surveys.   Each system includes:

  • A Lenovo ThinkPad T520 64-bit laptop with:
    • Windows 7 Professional
    • Snap Surveys Professional 11 software
  • A Fujitsu fi-6130 high capacity scanner for scanning completed paper surveys
    • Scans 40 pages/minute (black & white)
    • Document holder capacity - 50 pages at a time

Typically a ScanIT2Go system is checked out twice:

  1. First to create a survey in PDF format.  Copies of the survey can be printed as needed.  
  2. After the paper surveys have been completed, then the ScanIT2Go system can be checked out again to scan in the results.

How to Reserve

  • A ScanIT2Go system can be checked out by appointment on both MCV and Monroe Park Campuses by current VCU faculty,staff and students.   
    The first time ScanIT2Go is checked out, Technology Services staff will meet with you to provide an overview of how to use the system.
  • To request to check out a ScanIT2Go checkout system, send an email to including dates when it is needed and daytime telephone number.
  • Typically a ScanIT2Go system is checked out to create a survey and then again at a later date to scan in the results.
  • ScanIT2Go systems can be checked out for up to 2 weeks.

Snap Surveys Software

Snap Surveys Professional software can be used to both create a scannable survey form and to scan completed paper surveys

  • Key features of Snap Surveys software
    • Multiple question types to choose from including grids, single response, multiple responses, time, date, free text, sliders
    • Analysis of results
    • Export to SPSS, Excel, MS Access, Triple-S (XML for survey software)
    • Multi-Language capability
  • Features of the paper scanning module include:
    • Produces paper or PDF versions of questionnaire
    • Templates supplied in the standard Snap Questionnaire Design window to generate scannable questionnaires
    • Reads multiple choice replies, numbers and hand-printed text
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

How to Use ScanIT2Go

  1. Power on scanner   (push Power button on right panel)
    1. Attach USB cable from scanner to laptop
    2. Power on laptop  (push button in middle of top row)
    3. Log on to laptop with password provided
  2. Attach network cable or attach local USB printer
    1. Choose local network laser printer or USB printer as default printer.
  3. To create a paper survey:
    1. Double click desktop icon, Snap10 Professional
    2. Select File, New survey
    3. Type your survey name - example: Survey1
    4. New survey settings should show  Publication Medium:  Paper, Scanning, English, Default.qsf
    5. Adopt paper size to printer YES
    6. Click plus sign (fourth icon under Question Design Mode)
    7. For each question:
      1. Choose question type:
        1. Default type is multiple choice question
        2. The other type is printed text that will be interpreted by optical character reader software
      2. Type first answer, tab for the second answer, tab for third answer tab for the fourth answer, etc
      3.  Enter(return) when finished with that question
    8. To make question have printed text answer,  right click on question choose style open ended
    9. After all the questions are entered:
      1. Select File, Publish to print survey
      2. Print the number of copies you need for survey
  4. Distribute and collect your paper surveys
  5. To scan filled out surveys:
    1. Insert paper stack in back of scanner face away, top up
    2. Click on the fifth icon on toolbar (Data Entry icon)
    3. Click on plus sign in Data Entry
    4. Check Scan
    5. Check Detect
  6. To export data in CSV format:
    1. In Data Entry Mode, click on Questionnaire
    2. Choose File,  Export
    3. Check  Expand Multiple, Header Row, Label Row, Code Labels

Learning Snap Survey Software

Other Online Survey Tools

There are two applications available to create an online survey: QuestionPro and REDCap. QuestionPro may be used for non-sensitive data. REDCap is required if you collect confidential and sensitive data.

Survey Tools:

  • QuestionPro - Used for non-sensitive data collection.
  • REDCap - Used for confidential and sensitive data collection.