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Wolfram|Alpha Pro

Wolfram|Alpha is a computational knowledge engine which provides factual responses to queries ranging from mathematical formulas to pop culture trivia. Wolfram|Alpha gets its information from a knowledge base of curated data from outside sources. 

Platform: Web browser

Cost: Free to all faculty, staff, and students

Wolfram Alpha is powerful. Here's what it can do.

Answer questions

Calculate and compute

Compare and contrast

Pro features

Wolfram|Alpha is freely accessible online without a subscription, but with limited features. VCU has acquired a university license for Wolfram|Alpha Pro, providing all VCU matriculated students, faculty and staff access to the advanced paid features.

Paid subscriptions have no ads, and allow individuals to save favorite queries, view query history, and set preferences. With Wolfram|Alpha Pro, you can:

  • input your own data and images,
  • upload and analyze over 60 file types,
  • use a mathematical symbol keyboard,
  • customize visual output,
  • download output data,
  • interact with output in Computable Document Format (CDF),
  • view larger outputs (with zoom) and
  • perform longer computations.

It also provides mathematic learning tools, including step-by-step solutions and a practice problem generator.

Get an Alpha Pro account

Wolfram User Portal »Create an Account

Download PDF instructions

To obtain access to Wolfram|Alpha Pro, you must follow three steps.

Create and validate an account

  1. Go to and select Create Account.
  2. Create a Wolfram ID using your email address and a secure password. 

    • Note: VCU Information Security advises to NOT use your VCU account password.
  3. Check your email for the account validation link
  4. Click the link to validate your account.

Request a pro subscription

  1. Sign in to the Wolfram User Portal.
  2. Visit this link to request access to VCU’s subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro.
  3. Input your information in the Wolfram|Alpha Pro Subscription Request Form. 
    • Note: Your account must be registered with your email address to request a Pro subscription.
  4. Read the Terms of Use and select the box if you agree. You must agree to subscribe to Wolfram|Alpha Pro.
  5. Select Submit.
  6. Check your email and validate your Pro account subscription.

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