Academic Technologies

Academic Technologies delivers teaching and learning instructional media, and essential academic computing technologies, services, and support throughout both VCU campuses and online. ‌ For a quick view of our teams and what we do, view our Academic Technologies Services Brochure.

Departments in Academic Technologies and the services they provide include:

Labs and Classrooms Computing

  • Classroom Podium PCs
  • Computer Labs and Kiosk PCs
  • Laptop Carts

Learning Systems

  • Blackboard
  • Collaborate Ultra
  • Echo360
  • Kaltura
  • VoiceThread

Media Support Services

  • Video Production and Teleconferencing
    • Video capture and production
    • Live streaming
    • Teleconferencing solutions
  • Engineering and Design
    • Audio/Visual System Design
    • A/V System programming
    • A/V Consultation and Project Management
  • Classroom Support
    • Classroom A/V System User Training/Support
    • Classroom A/V System Troubleshooting/Maintenance


Academic Technologies org chart