Surveys & Feedback

"Tell us what you think!" We tend to see this statement on customer feedback pages or forms and wonder if the company or organization really means it? You make a suggestion or fill out a survey and more than likely you never hear another thing about your comment. VCU Technology Services needs your feedback, comments, and suggestions to provide excellent customer service. 

We know we don't have all the answers and many times we don't even know the questions because technology moves fast and so does how people use it. VCU Technology Services have set up a feedback program so the VCU community can let us know how we are doing and what new technologies or services people would like to see:

  • We will continue to conduct surveys. But we are now publishing the results of our surveys as well as action plans to address the issues and suggestions that we learn about. These can be found on the right section of this page.
  • There is a "Contact us"" tab at the top of all VCU Technology Services webpages. This was done so that no matter where you are on our site you can tap the "Contact us" tab  to provide us feedback. So, tap the tab and let us know what is on your mind!
  • Drop us an email  with a suggestion or feedback. We regularly monitor this account so you will get a response.
  • Check us out on Twitter. Send us an "@VCUTechServices" or a direct message with a question or comment.

One final thought, it is always helpful to us for you to report problems that you have to the IT Support Center (828-2227, with as many specific details as possible. Please do not assume that we are aware of a problem. It is similar to a power outage in a neighborhood. If everyone in the neighborhood assumes that their neighbor has reported the outage, the power will not get restored because the power company may not know there is a problem. Thanks for all your help as we work to provide a technology environment that fully supports the academic, research, and service missions of Virginia Commonwealth University.