IT Support Center

Our Responsibilities

The mission of the IT Support Center is to facilitate the interconnectivity of individuals across the university through our dedication to world-class technical support and VCU’s core values, among them: achievement, collaboration, innovation, and integrity.

Our offices provide quick, courteous, and comprehensive IT support to VCU faculty, staff, students, affiliates, and alumni. We also provide the following specialized services for faculty and staff: 

[Pencil Icon]  gradeIT Test Scanning
[Film Icon] AV Equipment Checkout
[Comments Icon] Turning Technology Clicker Distribution (for Faculty)

Our Staff

VCU IT Support Center828-2227EmailBox 
Wylie, Scottie 828-0611 wylieks 843008
IT Support Center Staff      
Altizer, Russell 828-9846 altizerrg 843008
Ball, Janet 828-0267 jwball 843008
Conn, William 828-5457 connwi 843008
Robinson, Barbara 827-0392 bjrobins 980016
Talley, Allison   828-2471  talleyan  843008
Weeks, Eliza 827-7768 emkweeks 843008