Changing Your eID Username

Your eID username is automatically generated when you are initially affiliated with VCU. It is based on your legal name. Below are the only authorized reasons for obtaining a new eID.

  • Your legal name has changed (e.g., after a marriage or divorce).
  • The eID was created based on an incorrectly spelled name (e.g., your last name was initially accidentally entered as Smmith instead of Smith resulting in an incorrectly spelled eID like smmithar).

To request a new eID for a reason listed above, please visit our Request a Name Change page and follow the instructions.

Special Circumstances for an eID Change

Special circumstances may require that an eID is changed in lieu of an official name change.  Because the eid is used as the "pass key" to many systems at the university, any change of the eID requires that your access is changed across systems.  Since the change affects an individual's multiple electronic records and key systems, an eID change requires prior review and approval from University administrative officials.

Reasons for an eID change may include but are not limited to: changing the eID length, changing the eid to avoid cultural offense, changing the eID for legal reasons, name of use preference (select Guide for Gender and Name of Use Notification for more information).

This procedure is to be used for all faculty, staff, students, and affiliates of the university using an eID.


  1. The individual shall make an official request describing the reason(s) in detail for the request.  This shall be submitted electronically via email to the individual's dean, equivalent administrative position (e.g., associate vice president, vice provost, vice president, etc.).  The dean or administrative officer may delegate approval to a senior administrator in his or her unit. Note: this gives the individual schools the opportunity to adjust their systems as well.

  2. If the dean or administrative officer approves the request, they shall submit the request electronically via email with the related information to the Director Applications Services, Technology Services for his approval. Note: this is to confirm that the request does not conflict with existing eIDs.

  3. If the request is approved, the Director, Applications Services will forward the information to Collaboration Services at who will then create a Service Desk ticket and coordinate the change with the other system units at the university and will notify the user once the account has been changed.