Critical Support Levels

Technology Services Desktop Services (TS/DS) operates Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  If you are a TS/DS customer experiencing a problem, follow the steps below to expedite your inquiry:

 Contact the IT Support Center:  (804) 828-2227

  1. Identify yourself as a TS/DS customer.
  2. Give name, dept, and location.
  3. Provide clear description of the problem.
  4. Outline impact on your productivity.

Critical Levels:

  • Blue screen (PC does not boot up).
  • Login issue (Can't access the PC due to failed attempts to login).
  • Server connection issue (can't access files located on a server).
  • Printing issue (can't print and have no access to backup printer).
  • Application issue (application fails to run).

This article was updated: 10/10/2017