Desktop Services

The central working objective for the Desktop Services team is to provide efficient and effective customer services in using desktop productivity tools for University faculty and staff.

Services Include:

  • Operating Systems Support:  Standard operating systems (Windows, MacOS) are supported by our team.  Computer OS is imaged and maintained from initial setup through the end of life.
  • Hardware Support:  Consultation is given regarding hardware or peripheral purchases for Windows and Apple platforms.  We will install and set up your computer and peripherals for you.  Hardware repair is provided for systems that are under warranty.
  • Software Support:  Assistance with software purchases for your device.  Standard VCU applications such as Microsoft Office and Google Apps are supported.  Software will be installed/uninstalled for you.  Assistance is provided with tracking software licenses for your department/organization.
  • Computer Security Support:  All systems supported will have antivirus installed for timely computer antivirus alerts and antivirus software updates.  Portable systems such as laptops will be encrypted with Dell Data Protection Encryption (DDPE) to safely secure your data.  Assist with configuring your device for a secure connection into the VCU network using RamsVPN DUO and Cisco AnyConnect.

  • Network Support:  Ensure system will be connected to the VCU wired or wireless network.  Troubleshoot any network related issues and escalate them to the Network Team as needed.
  • Data Storage Support:  Maintain your network shares, permissions, and data stored on University-owned servers.  Assistance is provided with your data stored on Google Drive.  Assist with transfer of your VCU data from one device to another.
  • Printer and Other Devices Support:  Configuration is provided with the network, or local printers and assistance are given by contacting venders for printer hardware repair.  Configure your mobile devices or tablets to use with VCU resources such as Google mail.  Mobile devices and tablets can be securely managed through Airwatch.

This article was updated: 12/6/2017