Information security is a collective responsibility, and the VCU Information Security Office needs the VCU community to help it defend our university against various threats that may jeopardize the safety and security of university information. A security hero is someone who actively helps keep the university environment and information safe and secure from harm. 

This could be as simple as reporting phishing emails or help others with security best practices. Some examples of what qualifies someone as a security hero are:

  • Report Phishing / email scams to
  • Report suspicious behavior (someone using a PC they should not be etc.)
  • Report lost / stolen equipment
  • Report potiential unauthorized access

By reporting potential security incidents to the information security office quickly, the information security team may be able to quickly substantiate and respond to the potential threat. Therefore, a security hero can potentially save the digital lives of many others; whether they are targets of a scam or have their information included in datasets targeted by the cyber villains. 

Please send all reports to Reporting of potential security incidents will enter you into the security hero of the month raffle, and the security hero award will go out at the end of the month to the security hero that VCU Information Security Office selects from the entries.

 The security hero of the month can choose one of the following exclusive shirts/polos:

Photo of a White T-Shirt with I save digital lives printed on the shirt

"I save digital lives" Tee

White T-shirt with I am a security hero printed on the shirt

"I am a security hero" Tee

Navy Blue T-shirt with a pattern and Phishers hide in a crowed printed on the shirt

"Spot the phish" Tee

White polo with I am a security hero printed on the pocket
"I am a security hero" Polo

Dark polo with I save digital lives patch on the upper left chest

"I save digital lives" Polo

Winner for:

November 2018: Chief Venuti

Photo of Dan Hand and Chief Venuti holding 2 polos from the security hero campaign

December 2018: Joel Eisner

Photo of Joel Eisner, winner of the December Security Hero award. He is wearing a black polo with


January 2019: Richard Sliwoski

Photo of Richard Sliwoski, who has won the security hero of the month of January. He is holding a navy


Feburary 2019: Modestine

Photo of the security hero for feburary, which is Modestine Carter. She is holding a slate grey


This month's security hero for the month of April is Emily Kundrot! 

 Photo of Emily Kundrot, who won the security hero raffle for March. She is holding up a phisher hide in a crowd t-shirt


Emily works for VCU Libraries as an Events and Public Relations coordinator. She joined the team in 2016. Emily is a security hero because she reported a phishing email which was impersonating a director. Thanks to Emily's timely report, the Information Security team was able to contain and keep the scam from spreading.

Emily says that she gets a kick out of recieving phishing emails, she especially enjoys reading them to look for any grammer/ spelling errors. Usually in a phishing email, these are common errors that can help you determine if an email is a phishing scam or something legitamite. 

Please report phishing scams or any other suspicious computer usage to Thank you Emily for her hard work protecting the university online. Congratulations to our fifth security hero, Emily Kundrot!