A Security hero is someone who actively helps keep the university environment and data safe and secure from harm.

This could be as simple as reporting phishing emails or help others with security practices. Some examples of what qualifies someone as a security hero are:

  • Report Phishing/ email scams
  • Report suspicious behavior (someone using a PC they should not be etc.)
  • Report loss/ stolen equipment
  • Report potiential unauthorized access

Please send all reports to infosec@vcu.edu. The security hero award will go out at the end of the month to the person that VCU Information Security has decided examplifies qualities worthy of a security hero.

 The security hero of the month can choose one of the following shirts/polos:

Photo of a White T-Shirt with I save digital lives printed on the shirtWhite T-shirt with I am a security hero printed on the shirt

Navy Blue T-shirt with a pattern and Phishers hide in a crowed printed on the shirt

White polo with I am a security hero printed on the pocket

Dark polo with I save digital lives patch on the upper left chest

Winner for:

November 2018 is: Chief Venuti.


This month's security hero for the month of November is none other than Chief Venuti! 


Photo of Dan Hand and Chief Venuti holding 2 polos from the security hero campaign

Not only does Chief Venuti keep the VCU physical campus safe, Chief Venuti also protects VCU's online environment. Chief Venuti has been a long time reporter of phishing emails, Chief Venuti is one of the very first people to report phishing emails. Chief Venuti also has collorabated with the Information Security Office often to help us protect VCU's online space. The Information Security Office thanks Chief Venuti for his hard work in keeping the campus safe and secure both physically and online. Thank you Chief Venuti for being VCU's very first security hero! Be sure to congratuate Chief Venuti if you see him around campus.