AV Equipment Checkout


Audiovisual equipment is available for checkout and reservation through the VCU IT Support Center on both the Monroe Park and MCV campuses. Students on the Monroe Park campus can check out equipment at the Innovative Media Center.


Make a reservation in person at Cabell Library Room B-30 or VMI Building Room 311, over the phone at 804-828-2227, or by emailing us at itsc@vcu.edu.  You will need to provide your eID and a VCU ID at the time of reservation and at equipment pick up. You must be present in order for the equipment to be released; no one else may pick up equipment on your behalf.

Equipment Policy:

  • The VCU IT Support Center equipment checkout service is primarily for VCU faculty and staff.  Students on the Monroe Park campus may not check out or reserve equipment through us and can be referred to Innovative Media.
  • A valid VCU ID card is required at pickup to have equipment released to you.
  • All equipment should be thoroughly inspected for damage and/or missing parts and accessories at checkout.
  • Check the inventory for maximum reservation time limits for each item.
  • When checking out equipment, pay close attention to the return time. The return time is recorded in the computer inventory system and appears on the receipt you are given when the equipment is released to you. It is your responsibility to know when your equipment is due and to return it on time.
  • Never lend your equipment to anyone else.
  • Equipment may only be renewed once.  You might not be able to renew an item if it is already reserved for another individual or is in high demand.  Please make requests for renewal at least 8 hours prior to your return time or your request may be denied.
  • Overdue equipment will not be renewed.
  • Equipment is expected to be returned in the same condition it was in when it was checked out. All equipment should be returned in its case and with all accessories in neat and proper order; all cables should be coiled and tied.
  • You are responsible for the equipment you have checked out until it is returned. If a piece of equipment is lost, stolen, or returned damaged, broken, or with missing parts, your department will be held financially liable.
Late Penalties
  • If equipment is overdue, you will be required to return it before you can reserve or check out anything else. After 3 late returns in a one year period, you will lose equipment loan privileges for up to one semester.
  • Returning equipment late causes a great inconvenience to other faculty or staff who may have this equipment reserved. If you know that you are going to be late due to circumstances that are beyond your control, please contact our office immediately.
  • Damaged or missing equipment will be assessed for repair or replacement and a charge will be made to your department.
  • If it is determined upon receipt of equipment that there was obviously willful and/or deliberate abuse of the equipment, your department will be billed for the full replacement value of the item, regardless of the age or condition of the damaged equipment. It is also grounds for loss of checkout privileges.
  • Please note, if equipment is 2 weeks past due with no notice, the full replacement cost of the equipment will be charged to your department and you will lose equipment loan privileges for up to one year.

AV Equipment Inventory:

ResourceMake/ModelItem DescriptionMax Checkout Time
Digital Video Projector Epson 1945W HD Projector with HMDI, VGA, and remote 72 Hrs
Portable Projector Screen DA-Lite Model C Available in 73" and 90" 72 Hrs
Document Camera Epson ELPDC20 HD camera with HDMI, VGA, and remote 2 weeks
DVD Player Sony DVP-NS50P   2 weeks
DVD/VHS Player Sony RDR-VX555   2 weeks
International DVD Player Philips Pro175/100   2 weeks
International BluRay Player Samsung BD-H5900   2 weeks
Camcorder Sony DCR-SR220   2 weeks
4K Video Camera Panasonic HC-WXF991   1 week


ResourceMake/ModelItem DescriptionMax Checkout Time
Wireless Microphone Shure ULX-J1 Available in both Lapel and Handheld varieties, these can be used in any VCU classroom/auditorium outfitted with a Shure ULX-J1 Receiver. See Supported Classrooms for more information. 16 weeks
Wired Microphone Sennheiser e835 XLR-3 connection 72 Hrs
Mini PZM Microphone Crown Sound Grabber II 1/8" AUX connection.  Picks up sounds via vibrations on your conference room table. 72 Hrs
PA System Liberty LIB-8000 2 large-format speakers come with stands and a wireless microphone. Can also play audio files from AUX, Bluetooth, or USB Drive. 72 Hrs
X300 Bluetooth Speaker Logitech 984-000392 Portable bluetooth stereo speaker can connect to any bluetooth device and can even control phone calls.  Battery lasts ~5 hours and charges over Micro USB. 72 Hrs
Audio Recorder Zoom H2n Built-in stereo & surround microphone, Mini (3.5mm) mic input, headphone output. Records to Mp3 and WAV. 1 week


All Cables and Adapters are available for up to 72 hours at a time.

HDMI, DVI, VGA Thunderbolt 2 to Ethernet
XLR USB to Ethernet
1/8" and 1/4" AUX Mini Displayport to HDMI
Micro USB Mini Displayport to VGA
CAT5 Ethernet Displayport to DVI
Extension Cord HDMI to DVI
  USB C to USB A
  XLR-3 to 1/4"
  1/8" to 1/4" AUX

All Stands are available for a maximum of 1 week.

  • PA Stands
  • Tabletop Mic Stands
  • Upright Mic Stands
    • with boom
  • Tripods






If you would like to see more equipment available for loan, please contact our offices at 804-828-2227 or itsc@vcu.edu.  We greatly appreciate your feedback.