Customer Center - Expense Codes

Expense Code   Description
653111 Automatic Call Distribution on Centrex
653112 Automatic Call Distribution on Avaya
653113 Adjustment (i.e., Credits, Unbilled Services)
653114 Analog Line (i.e., Elevator Lines, Fire Alarms, Credit Card Machines)
653110 Circuit (i.e., T1's/Video Circuits, Private Data Circuits)
653100 Centrex Line
653108 Enhanced Call Processing on the NUMS Platform (caller Routing)
653109 Enhanced Call Processing on the Avaya Platform (caller routing)
653120 Equipment (i.e., cell phones, ISDN sets)
653127 Installation Charges
653116 Avaya Services (Avaya sets, Avaya voice mail)
653106 ISDN Services
653115 Long Distance
653130 Miscellaneous Charges (i.e., business listings)
653125 Maintenance Charges ( i.e., ISDN sets, some headsets)
653126 Repair Charges
653107 Voice Mail Services
653104 Wireless Services (i.e., pagers, cellular plans, PDA services)