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Cells Phones/Smart Phones/Tablets

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On April 5, 2012, the University Council approved the new Wireless Device Communication Allowance policy.  This change provides a method for employees, who are required to have cell phones for their jobs, to apply for a stipend which will offset the cost of a personal cell plan with the carrier of the employee's choice. Plans are owned and managed by the employee, not the university.

To request an allowance, complete and submit the Wireless Communication Device Allowance Worksheet and Employee Agreement to your management. After management approval, allowance request forms should be submitted to  

This information is provided as a courtesy. VCU Telecommunications does not administer the policy or the allowances. 


Exceptions to Wireless Plan

Under certain conditions, VCU will continue to provide wireless service which is paid for with VCU funds.  Exceptions can be provided under the following conditions:

  • Funds for wireless services are provided by a grant.
  • Departmental shared devices are required.
  • On-call technicians using shared devices.

How to Apply

Frequently Asked Questions                   

  • Who can answer questions about the policy?  

The Wireless Policy was created by the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration.  Please read the policy carefully.  If the document does not provide an answer to your question please contact their office at (804) 828-6116 for clarification. 

  • I sent my authorized form for an allowance to but I haven't gotten it yet.  How do I follow up?

Allowances are managed by Human Resources.  You can request assistance from your Fiscal Tech. or send an email to

  • How can I cancel an allowance?

Enter an allowance end date in Section 4 of your authorized wireless allowance form.  Send it to  No additional signatures are required to end an allowance.

  • Can I still order a Tablet?

Tablets, without a data plan, are considered to be computing devices.  Speak with your department about the process for ordering this type of equipment.  If they are used on a WiFi connection they do not require either an allowance or an Exception.  If you need a data plan for use when a wireless network is unavailable that plan will be covered under the Wireless Policy.  The policy allowance is per employee not per plan.  Please review Wireless Communication Device Allowance policy for further detail.      

  • How can I synch my smartphone/tablet with VCU email?

For information about synchronizing your VCU email account click the appropriate application please visit

Please Note: Google has announced that they are ending sync support for Google Apps on BlackBerry devices.  This impacts those VCU faculty and staff trying to access calendar and contacts on the new appsforVCU powered by Google Apps for Education email service via their BlackBerry device

Please contact the VCU IT Support Center (828-2227, with any questions.