Pricing and Ordering

For assistance accessing information related to our programs, please contact VCU Telecommunications at 828-2227 (press option 2).


On April 5, 2012, VCU announced a new Wireless Communication Allowance policy.  Any requests for new, University provided service requires an Wireless Exception Form authorized by your Vice President/Vice Provost.  For more information about the policy please review the Cell Phones/Smart Phones/Tablets page.

If you have received an exception to the Wireless Communication Allowance policy you have a choice in how you order your service: purchase via the General Services Administration (GSA) contract or purchase through VCU Telecommunications

1.  GSA Contract


  • GSA pricing is available to all tier III institutions in the state.  
  • Less expensive than through VCU Telecommunications.
  • More options for plans and devices.
  • Direct relationship with the carrier for service, support and billing, therefore, the carrier can be more responsive.


  • Service cannot be billed through Banner.
  • Only two carriers are approved on the GSA schedule
    • Verizon
    • AT&T

How to get pricing and place an order

  • Complete the Exception to Policy form.  Once signed by management, keep a copy on file with your department.
  • Contact the carrier representative directly for pricing and plan options.
    • Verizon  Joel Samuel (804)418-0981 or Roland Diermier (804)840-5000 
    • AT&T - Pete Hatcher (804)334-2490
    • Sprint - No longer participating in the GSA contract
  • Submit your request for purchasing.  Ask the carrier representative for the GSA contract number and include it on your request.

2.  VCU Telecommunications


  • Can be billed directly through your Banner budget code.


  • Usage statistics are generally 3 - 4 months behind billing.
  • Usage statistics are not complete.
  • More expensive than GSA.
  • Service and support are not as responsive as through GSA.

If you would like to place an order through VCU Telecommunications follow the steps below.

  1. Choose your carrier and plan
    • Visit the websites below to determine the best plan for you. 
    • If you are requesting cell service only choose a voice plan.
    • Blackberries can be requested with both a voice and data plan or just a data plan. 
    • Aircards require a data plan (some Blackberries can be tethered to provide wireless access to your PC without an Aircard)
      • International usage is billed by Mbytes and can be very expensive.  Be sure to discuss your options with a Telecommunication Services Analyst.
  2. Choose your equipment
    • Equipment must be chosen from the same vendor who will be providing your plan.  You cannot select a Verizon plan and an AT&T phone 
    • Aircards, which allows your PC to access the cellular data network, come in 3 flavors:
      • PCIA slot (older PCs)
      • Express Slot
      • USB (most popular for one device)
    • Hotspot-creates a WiFi signal that multiple devices can use simultaneously to access the cellular data network
  3. Submit your order with the requested plan and equipment. Remember to attach your authorizedWireless Exception Form.  Not sure what you want or need?  VCU Telecommunications will be happy to help you decipher your options.


Prices on the websites listed below DO NOT include the mandatory markup.  All plans carry a surcharge of approximately 20%.  All equipment carries a surcharge of approximately 15%.  Your order confirmation will be returned to you with the full price of the plans and the equipment included.  



(if you need a plan that allows international travel select a "Global" plan from one of the vendors below)

Verizon plans and equipment (for Blackberries with voice and data select one of the voice plans then add the Blackberry plan)

AT&T plans and equipment (Blackberry and data devices are on the second tab of the Excel spreadsheet)

Sprint plans and equipment  

nTelos plans and equipment (12 months minimum on equipment required by this vendor)

Need help deciphering all of this information?  Submit a request for Mobile Services or Devices and we will contact you to help.  



This article was updated: 10/1/2018