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Calling Long Distance Requires an Authorization Code

If you have an Authorization Code but can't remember what it is, click the button below to view your long distance authorization code.  Your six-digit long distance authorization code will be displayed under the “Item ID” column.

NOTE:  If you cannot locate your auth code using the button please contact us at 828-2227 (option 2)


Effective July 1, 2016 domestic long distance rates are 5¢ per minute, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE within the United States. Calls placed outside the state of Virginia (interstate) will incur an additional Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) fee which will be incorporated in the total charge of each call.  This fee, imposed by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) changes quarterly.  In the past it has been as low as 15% and high as 18%. 

The FUSF fee is a result of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) action, whereas all interexchange carriers are required to contribute to a common national fund that supports telecommunications subsidies for consumers who reside in high-cost service areas or who earn low incomes, elementary and secondary schools, public libraries and rural health care providers.