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VCU Voice Messaging - AVST CX

On Tuesday, October 3 at 9:00 PM VCU Telecommunications will replace our aging Avaya voicemail system with a new system from AVST.  The AVST CX system uses 90% of the key pad commands of our current system making the transition much easier.  


Set up your new mailbox in advance of the go live date (October 3 at 9:00 PM)

NOTE:  Your new mailbox will NOT be live and answering calls until the transition on Tuesday October 3 at 9:00 PM. Your current mailbox will continue to accept messages until that date

Not all locations will transition.  Check Locations Excluded from Transition


  1. From your desk phone, dial 7-1981 (temporary set up number).

    • NOTE:  If you are responsible for setting up a another mailbox in addition to your own 
      • From your desk phone dial 7-1981.
      • Press [*] when prompted for a security code.
      • Press [#] and enter the 5 digit mailbox number you wish to setup.
  1. Dial 142536 when prompted for your security code. Do not dial pound (#) after the security code.

  2. Follow the prompts to set a new security code, record your name, and record your greeting (you MUST record a personal greeting).

  3. Your mailbox is initialized once your hear “Congratulations!”


    You can set up your mailbox from another phone but step 1 is slightly different

    From any other phone on campus dial 7-1981

    • You may be prompted for a security code, press [*] to bypass the message.
    • Press [#] followed by your five digit mailbox number.

    From an off campus phone dial 827-1981 

    • Press [#] followed by your five digit extension.


    NOTE:  If you end the session before hearing "Congratulations" the system will retain your new security code but treat it as temporary.  The next time you access your mailbox enter the security code you created previously.  You will be prompted to change it and to complete your mailbox set-up.  Once you complete your set-up you can follow the instructions on the Quick Reference Guide to reset your security code if you desire.

The old voice mail system will be decommissioned on October 20.  

Go to Retrieving Messages from the Old System to learn what will happen with your old messages.


If you have questions or would like more information please contact us via the IT Support Center at 828-2227 (press option 2).