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AVST CX Integrated Fax Messaging allows you to receive, forward, print and store fax messages directly from your mailbox.  View and act on your inbound fax messages through the telephone interface, Web Phone Manager or the AVST mobile app (Note:  viewing .tif files is not supported on the Android operating system).   

  • Receive fax messages securely and privately
  • Print fax messages to any fax machine or printer of your choosing
  • Recive email notification when you have new fax messages (must be set up through Web Phone Manager)

Fax Integration Options

One Number Reach – $0.00

Your DID telephone number is also your fax number.  


  • Included in the cost of your voicemail box.
  • AVST will recognize and automatically accept fax calls directed to your DID and answered by your voicemail box. 


  • If you answer a call from a fax machine you will hear fax tone.  If that occurs you can immediately transfer the call to your own 5 digit extension


Dedicated Fax Number - $1.00/month


  • Faxes will be sent to your dedicated number rather than your telephone number so you won’t hear fax tone when answering a call.


  • Nominal monthly charge

Using Fax Integration to download a user guide.

Note: To request fax be enabled for your mailbox submit a voicemail Help Request with the following information:

  • Email Address
  • Fax telephone you would like to use as your default
  • One Number Reach or Dedicated Fax Number option