Performing Common Tasks

The following information is a list of the short commands you can use to override system prompts after you have entered your security codes.  You can enter the commands from your telephone keypad as a string or listen to the system prompts after each command.  You can also download the AVST Quick Reference Guide - Richmond Metro Area.

For assistance accessing information related to our programs, please contact VCU Telecommunications at 828-2227 (press option 2).

Common Shortcuts

Keypad Entry Command
 [any key but *, 0, #]      By-pass personal greeting when reaching another mailbox
 [#]  Skip message & mark as read
 [*]  Replay previous menu
 [****]  Quit

Main Menu

Keypad Entry

[1] Listen to new messages
[2] Record and send a message
[3] Locate messages
[4] User options

While Listening to a Message

Keypad EntryCommand
[1] Back up 5 seconds
[1][1] Return to start of message
[2] Pause/continue message playback
[3] Advance 5 seconds
[3][3] Skip to the end of the message
[4] Decrease playback speed
[5] Play envelope information (date/time)
[6] Increase playback speed
[#][#] Go to saved messages

After Listening to a Message

Keypad EntryCommand
[6] Forward message to another subscriber
[7] Delete the message
[8] Reply to the sender of the message
[8][8] Transfer to the sender's extension
[8][4] Transfer to the sender's outside number
[9] Save the message
[2][1] Send the message to default fax number
[2][2] Send the message to a spec. fax number

Changing Your PhoneManager Options (e.g. Greetings, Security Code)

Keypad EntryCommand
[4][1][5] Record your name
[4][1][4] Change your security code

[4][4] or


Change your standard greeting w/o playback option

Change your standard greeting w/ playback option

[4][6] or


Change your out-of-office greeting w/o playback option

Change your out-of-office greeting w/o playback option

[4][2][3] Create or update a personal distribution list*
[4][2][4] Set up automatic message forwarding**

*Distribution lists must be allowed by the administrator.  If you would like to request a distribution list contact our Client Support Group at 828-2227 (press option 2)

**Once activated, automatic message forwarding will forward ALL messages you receive to a designated user until deactivated.

Recording & Sending a Message

Keypad EntryCommand
[2] Record a message
[#][1] Stop recording and review the message
[#]][#] Stop recording and send the message (the system will prompt you for the mailbox address)

After Recording & Addressing a Message

Keypad EntryCommand
[1] Restrict message forwarding
[2] Mark the message urgent
[3] Request a return receipt
[4] Request future delivery
[8] Leave a number where you can be reached