Mailbox Capacity and Features

Mailbox Capacities

 Message CapacityGreeting LengthMessage LengthDistribution Lists/No.of addresses per listStorage Time (In Days)
15 Messages45 Seconds3 Minutes  1/5            14 Days 
35 Messages  1 Minute3 Minutes1/514 Days 
90 Messages           5 Minutes5 Minutes1/514 Days

NUMS Features
Mailbox Access
  • Telephone key pad
  • Visual Voice Mail-Access your mailbox via the internet
  • In the office and available
  • In the office and not available
  • Not accepting calls (vacation setting)
  • Busy
Caller Escape to an Operator
  • Standard for all mailboxes
  • User controls destination through Visual Voice Mail
Notification Options (mailbox notifies you when a message is left)
  • Standard on all mailboxes
  • Find Me/Follow Me Service
  • Program up to three reach numbers
  • User controls through Visual Voice Mail

Fax Capability

  • Enhanced Mailboxes Only

This article was updated: 07/2/2013