Set Up Your Mailbox

The initial setup includes entering a temporary security PIN (the last 4 digits of your telephone number) for the voice mailbox, recording your name, and recording a greeting.

  1. Access your Mailbox using one of the method’s below
    • Toll Free Dial 1-877-584-9321-follow the prompts
    • From a Local Phone Dial your office telephone number when the greeting begins press [*]
    • From your desk press your autodial key (if set up) . 
  2. TIP

    When calling from your office phone, to avoid re-entering your mailbox number call your own telephone number. Your secondary line will ring and forward to voice mail. When you hear your mailbox greeting press [*]. Enter your password.

    • You can program your telephone number into your One Touch key.
    • If you activate your call forward key before dialing your number it will immediately forward to voice mail.
  3. Enter your temporary PIN (last four digits of your telephone number)
    • For extension mailbox users (an extension mailbox provides voicemail to one telephone number that is shared by up to nine people), the PINs are the last four digits of your number PLUS an additional digit of 1 -9.
      For example: For telephone number (804)628-XXXX with three mailboxes, the default PINs would be as follows:

      Mailbox 1 PIN = XXXX-1
      Mailbox 2 PIN = XXXX-2
      Mailbox 3 PIN = XXXX-3
  4. Follow the system prompts to change your PIN (password), record your name and your personal greeting


 The recording of your name is automatically attached to the voice mail messages you leave for others at the University who also use NUMS.


This article was updated: 07/2/2013