VCU SafeNet Wireless

What is VCU SafeNet Wireless?

VCU SafeNet Wireless is our 802.1X WPA2-Enterprise wireless network. All traffic is encrypted using AES-based CCMP and is the recommended method for network access at VCU. All current VCU faculty, staff, and students can access this wireless network using VCU eID and password.

Getting on SafeNet

The following network settings will allow devices to connect the SafeNet wireless network.

General Settings

SSID: VCU SafeNet Wireless

Security: WPA2 Enterprise

Encryption Type: AES (CCMP)

Authentication: Protected EAP Version 0 (PEAPv0)

Inner Authentication: MS-CHAPv2

Outer Identity*: eID

(Inner) Identity*:  eID

Trusted Authentication Servers:,

CA Root*: AddTrust External CA Root (SHA1 Fingerprint: 02 FA F3 E2 91 43 54 68 60 78 57 69 4D F5 E4 5B 68 85 18 68)

*This certificate can be downloaded here.

This article was updated: 12/7/2017