Unified Print Vendor Demos on MPC Campus for the Next 6 Weeks


What: The Unified Print RFP committee has narrowed down their selection to the top two vendors. To provide the VCU community the opportunity to provide feedback on the two vendors, times for demoing their equipment is being set up in the coming weeks. For each vendor, you will have the choice of a guided or unguided session with the respective vendors during the times noted below. If you wish to bring other office members or staff with you to your session, please limit your session to 3 as the space is limited.


Why: VCU has embarked upon a unified print services project to maximize VCU’s purchasing power to secure print services and pricing that exceed the current fleet of owned and leased multifunction print/copy devices.  Each session will offer employees a hands-on experience to sample the vendor’s service offerings. Attending a session for each respective vendor is advised.



Vendor A    June 12 - 25

Vendor B    July 9 - 20


Guided sessions (with the vendor)            11AM - 3PM 30 mins

Unguided sessions (without the vendor)    9-11AM / 3-4:45PM 15 mins


Where: Cabell Basement B30 in the IT Support Center consultation area


How: You will need to register for your desired session type and time via our appointment reservation system with the links below. 

Vendor A Guided

Vendor A Unguided


Vendor B Guided

Vendor B Unguided

Feedback: After attending a vendor demo session, an online survey will be provided to solicit your feedback.  Survey results will assist the RFP committee in completing the vendor selection process.