Records Management


Records management is the administrative term for the process of:

  1. the maintenance of currently-active, administratively-useful, public records;
  2. the disposition of public records that no longer serve administrative, legal, fiscal, or historical purposes; and,
  3. the preservation of those records that have historical, legal, fiscal or administrative value or that must be preserved by law.

At Virginia Commonwealth University, records management is governed both by the state records management program, Public Records Act in the Code of Virginia and by VCU's Records Management policy. Responsibility for the state records management program under the Public Records Act is given to the State Library Board, which delegates the operation of the program to the staff of the Library of Virginia in Richmond. Each state agency is required to designate a records officer/records manager to be responsible for the operation of the records management program at that agency.

  • For VCU, Barry Lanneau Jr is the Records Officer and can be reached at (804) 828-1414 or by email.
  • For Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or e-discovery requests, please contact Michele Howell or visit the website.
  • For VCUHS, Linda Chapman is the FOIA Officer and Annette Sullivan is the Record Retention Officer.

Records Management Training


All VCU staff and faculty members are encouraged to complete a records management training either in-person or on Blackboard. Please follow this link for more information and to register. You must have a VCU eID and password to register. Additionally, if you would like to request an on-site records training for your department, please submit your request using LANDESK Service Desk.

Certificate of Records Destruction (RM-3)


 Before the destruction of records, the University Records Officer must approve and sign line 8 of the online RM-3 form:


VCU Records Officer Mailing Address

VCU Records Management
BOX 843059


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