Email (Spring 2010 Faculty & Staff Survey)

Performance issues with email and IMAP issues were most frequently mentioned.


  • The primary email servers were upgraded to new hardware and to the newest major release of the Domino server software in March 2010, resulting in an improvement in server reliability that would not have yet been reflected in this year’s survey. Continue to investigate and implement improvements to the email servers and storage to improve performance for users.
    • Update October 2010:   A key factor to system reliability and stability is sufficient user storage. To meet this need, substantial additional disk space will be made available over the next two months.
  • Develop and implement a plan to improve support delivered to individuals.
    • Update October 2010:  A major focus has been on improved mobile access and the addition of the easy to use and install Traveler for both Apple and Android smartphones ( ). This new service is available at no cost to faculty and staff.
  • Perform an independent and strategic evaluation of VCU’s email environment.
    • Update October 2010:   This evaluation is on hold pending the final report, expected in November, from the outside consultants who have been conducting a broad VCU IT assessment.
    • Update February 2011:   
      • Consultants' report recommended serious consideration of cloud-based email rather than continuing with on premises email.
      • Steering committee of faculty and staff formed to develop requirements and began meeting. 
      • Draft RFP (Request for Proposal) developed for discussion.

This article was updated: 07/2/2013