Wireless (Spring 2010 Faculty & Staff Survey)

There were numerous comments about the quantity, reliability, and usability of the wireless network.


  • At the time of this survey, there were 894 wireless access points (10 of which were the of which are the ‘N’ standard) across both campuses. Central funding has not been provided for wireless. Funding to implement wireless access points comes from individual schools, departments and student technology fees. The current budget climate will severely limit our ability to expand wireless coverage significantly. 
    • Modest expansion implementing the wireless
      • Update October 2010:  Additional wireless access points have been installed so that there are now about 1000 wireless access points, 170 or which are the 'N' standard, across both campuses.  These additions and replacements were primarily done in Cabell Library, Tompkins-McCaw Library, Student Commons, Larrick, Harris Hall, and the School of Nursing.
      • Update February 2011:   Additional wireless access points have been installed so that there are now about 1100, 220 of which are the 'N' standard, across both campuses. These additions and replacements were done in the Temple Building, Medical Sciences Building, and the President's House, as well as a number of smaller installations across the campus.
  • Simplify and enhance the secure wireless network, VCU SafeNet Wireless.
  • Implement guest wireless access so that it is quick and simple for visitors to the VCU campus to obtain Internet access.
    • Update October 2010:  2 guest wireless appliances are now available that allow faculty and staff to create guest wireless accounts on demand.
    • Update February 2011:  Developed plan to have open guest wireless - meaning authentication to get on the VCU guest wireless network would not be required. This guest network is intended for visitors only and not for use by faculty, staff, or students. Implementation expected in April 2011.

This article was updated: 07/2/2013