Access to services from mobile devices (Spring 2010 Student Survey)

Access to services from mobile devices – Although the perceived level of service was well above the minimum acceptable level for the question related to access from mobile devices, this access was frequently mentioned as needing improvement in the next 2 years, so students are clearly seeing access to services from mobile devices as a growing need in the near future.   At the time of this survey, the university had already begun to implement a plan to provide mobile access to various university services.


  • Work with student advocate groups and organizations to evaluation current and future mobile services.
    • Update October 2010:  
      • The "VCU Mobile" app for iPhone, iPod touch, and Blackberry smartphones was rolled out.  The initial app has 7 components with additional compenents under development.  An Android version is also under development and expected to be released soon.
      • A greatly improved "Blackboard Mobile Learn" app was released for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Blackberry, and Android.
    • Update February 2011:
      • VCU Mobile version 2 released December 2010 (Library, Athletics, Bb Learn, iTunes U and a single city map).
      • Android version of VCU Mobile released January 2011.
      • Version 3 under development.

This article was updated: 07/2/2013