C, C++ Compilers

Software Description: Complier software

Platform: Unix
Cost: No charge

Gnu Compiler Collection 4.1.2 (Default)
  •  C, Objective C, Objective C++ - gcc
  •  C++ - g++
  •  Java (compiler) - gcj
  •  Ada - gnat
  •  Fortran 90 - gfortran
 Gnu Compiler Collection 4.4.4:
  • C - gcc44
  •  C++ - g++44
  • Fortran 90 - gfortran44
 Gnu Compiler Collection 3.4.6:
  • C - gcc34
  • C++ - g++34
  • Fortran 77 - g77


C and C++ Compilers are available on several centrally managed VCU Unix servers:


 Who can use it    


Account Request 

Compile Current VCU faculty, staff and all students  No Request Compile Account
Koti Current VCU faculty, staff, and students
 (students must have faculty sponsor)
Most Request Koti Account
Watson Current VCU faculty, staff, and graduate students No Request Watson Account via VCU IT Support Center 

Note: Requires VPN access is required for accessing servers from off campus

 Tutorials & Training:

 Command to compile a program named myprog:

  • For C:   cc myprog
  • For C++:   c++ myprog
  • For GNU C:  gcc myprog

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