GIS License Server

The license server is running FlexLM software with codes to allow a user to retrieve a license and actually 'run' ArcGIS. If the server or network goes down, so does the ability to run ArcGIS. The local user MUST be connected ('pointed') to the server at all times.

Restricted Access - Access to this server is only available to VCU students, faculty and staff.

The ArcGIS suite consists of ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and ArcToolbox which is the core collection of applications that provide data visualization, query, analysis and integration capabilities along with the ability to create and edit simple geographic features.

There are different levels of the software, such as ArcView (for beginners), ArcEditor and ArcInfo (for the more advanced user). ArcPad software is mobile mapping and geographic information system technology, which provides database access, mapping, GIS and global positioning system (GPS) integration to users out in the field via handheld and mobile devices.

Register, download and install ArcGIS Suite or ArcPad

Please read all of the information before downloading and installing the ESRI software.  By downloading and installing the GIS software, you agree to abide by the licensing agreement VCU has with ESRI.

  • This agreement restricts the use of the software to VCU students, faculty or staff.
  • To register and obtain a copy of the software: Submit an ESRI\GIS\ArcView Request.
  • To run the software, the license server must be running to 'boot up' the software on your PC.

    The process goes like this:

    • In the installation, choose the local installation and specify the name of the existing license server that your computer is going to point to. You must type in the name of this server, which is
    • The installation will validate that the service is currently running and will proceed to allow an installation.
    • If the license server goes down, so does ArcGIS. It must have a 'constant' connection to the server to use it.

Note: For more information regarding installation, please contact Terry Leonard.

This article was updated: 12/6/2017