Backup Solutions

The VCUCC has implemented Tivoli Storage Manager Software to provide advanced backup capabilities to clients for backup of disk and database storage. Backups are made to a high capacity Automatic Tape Library (ATL) which the university uses to provide backup and recovery services to a variety of users. The library has over 5 petabytes of capacity and with SAN connectivity, VCUCC's backup system can meet most needs for backup and archiving data. Charges for backup services are based on the cost of Tivoli licensing and the cost of storage media. The charges are designed to recoup costs to the data center.


See Computer Center Schedule of Fees for Backup Costs here

Details for Archive Services pricing are available upon request.

Click here to view the Tivoli Storage Manager retention standard.

Contact VCU Computer Center - Network Operations Center for more information about how we can help you can meet your backup requirements.

This article was updated: 03/2/2017