Computer Center Schedule of Fees

OS/Hardware Support: $1,200 per year
Note: System damage done by system owners on UCC supported systems that cause recovery and/or rebuild efforts be performed will be subject to standard support charges of $50 an hour (4 hour minimum) per server.

DBA Support: $50/hour, 4 hour minimum for a non-shared instance installation; $1,200/annually for a non-shared instance full support. 

Virtualization fees: 

Cost are the sum of separate charges for CPU and memory   Annual
  1 vCPU $300.00
  2 vCPU $400.00
  3 vCPU $500.00
  4 vCPU $600.00
  5 vCPU $700.00
  6 vCPU $800.00
  7 vCPU $900.00
  8 vCPU $1000.00
Memory 2 GB $6.40
  4 GB $12.80
  6 GB $19.20
  8 GB $25.60
  12 GB $50.00
  16 GB $100.00
  32 GB $200.00
  • There is a one time charge of $500 for new UCC supported virtual machines,  non-UCC supported VMs will be deployed without OS installed and administrators will be granted console access. 
  • VMs come with 100GB of storage to accommodate the server OS.
  • OS upgrades of existing of UCC supported servers are considered new servers and subject to the $500 one time new VM charge.
  • All memory and vCPUs are thinly provisioned.  An application must be multithreaded in order to utilize more than one vCPU. Verification may be required before multiple vCPUs are provisioned.
  • HA (vSphere High Availability) is included in base price
  • Fault Tolerance pricing varies according to requirements.
  • ESXi Support: $2400 per year per host


Virtual Machine Disaster Recovery Options: 

The UCC has deployed VMware vSphere Replication that provides hypervisor-based virtual machine replication and recovery services. It protects virtual machines from partial or complete site failures by replicating the virtual machines from Pocahontas to Harris Hall virtual infrastructure. Replications are defined individually for each VM. In the event of a declared disaster startup of servers at HH will begin once UCC staff are on site at Harris Hall and logged in. The startup process takes about 15-30 minutes per VM. Servers with no DR plans will for the most part be replicated without any action from administrators using a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of 24 hours. For these servers recovery in the event of a disaster will be best effort after priority servers are addressed.

Formal recovery Plans can be written to be reviewed by UCC staff for a fee of $1000 for the initial year and $500 for review years. Annual reviews are performed in the March time frame. The DR onboarding/annual process will discuss requirements such as RTOs and provide services such as making the network provisioning requests to run the individual servers on the Harris Hall infrastructure. Priority of the recovery servers with DR plans will be decided by TS Directors.

There are other recovery options available for those groups that require a more robust recovery option. These options require pricing that are dependent on individual needs.


Storage Space purchase cost:

Current charges are Annual
50GB storage space  $25.00
100GB storage space  $50.00
500GB storage space  $200.00
1000GB storage space  $400.00

This applies to fiber connections, Isilon NAS (CIFS and NFS) and for virtual machines.
New direct attached fiber connection fee: $1000 (onetime charge)


Storage Backup Fees:

  Annual Backup charges for Tape Media

 New storage media charges to be backed up, 1 TB included in base agreement  No charge
 Additional media charges for storage above 1 TB  $75/TB
 Number of copies retained, 5 copies included in standard agreement  $20/100GB/additional copies

TSM License charges

 Annual license charge  $56/TB
  • All servers both Virtual and Physical will be charged TSM licensing fees.
  • These storage fees are designed only to recoup costs (tape media and TSM license fees) to the data center.
  • Details for Archive Services and pricing are available upon request.


Infrastructure Engineering Fees:  For projects that require analysis and new engineering (which include, but are not limited to: additional electrical power circuits, substantial fiber or network cabling, additional racks, etc.) at the Pocahontas primary site, the Harris Hall Disaster site, or the Cabell or Sanger Hall sites, there is a $500 per project engineering fee. In the case of additional work required to add on to the existing new equipment/infrastructure, a $50/hour fee will be charged. The UCC will interact with any external contractors, vendors or staff from the Department of General Services (DGS, including BCOM) as part of the service provided. Any contractor, DGS or BCOM fees will be passed on to the customer at cost.


Server Maintenance: All production equipment should be under maintenance. There are a couple of options that could be explored if you want to extend coverage after the manufactures warranty has expired. You could possibly purchase a warranty extension through the vendor or you could purchase maintenance through STG.

STG is currently used in the data center for maintenance support. Below are standard quotes for maintenance coverage for Dell equipment. If the server model is not in the chart a quote can be secured. Quotes can also be made for other brands.

Please contact the UCC NOC for getting quotes and for arranging coverage with STG.

24/7/365 Four Hour Response


Annual Cost

MO cost

Dell PE R610        



Dell PE R710



Dell PE R810



Dell PE R620



Dell PE R720



Dell PE R900



Next Business Day

Dell PE R610       



Dell PE R710     



Dell PE R810     



Dell PE R620      



Dell PE R720     



Dell PE R900




This article was updated: 01/25/2019