Departments using any of the AiM products or related systems including, but not limited to AiM, AiM IQ, and QuikFM, are expected to maintain written documentation detailing system usage to ensure business continuity. Departmental written documentation should include:

  • Training materials provided for new staff whose responsibility involves any of the system(s) utilized by the department. This may be included as part of departmental standard operating procedures.
  • Test plan(s) to be executed in preparation for updates to any of the AiM or related systems utilized by the department.
  • Alternative business procedures to be used during planned and unplanned downtimes of any of the AiM or related systems utilized by a department.
  • Routine and emergency contact information for the AiM System Administrators and any departmental staff responsible for overseeing AiM or related system usage.

For a template, visit the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (DEM) Continuity Plan.

Need Assistance?

If assistance is needed or you have questions about creating a business continuity plan, please contact the VCU IT Support Center at 804-828-2227.