Features and How To


  • myVCU is mobile and tablet friendly
  • The ‘My Stuff’ tab allows you to add, remove, and rearrange gadgets
  • Gadgets to view information and single sign-on into university systems
  • Tabs are based on your role at VCU 

How To

Customize 'My Stuff' Tab

  • To customize where gadgets display on your myVCU page, place your cursor over the gadget heading and drag.
  • To add a gadget, use the add (+) icon on the left-side of the page to display the add dialog.  You can search for a gadget and drag it onto your 'My Stuff' page or click the ‘Add’ link beside the gadget’s name.  This is not available in mobile.
  • To reset customizations, use the ‘Reset’ option located in the menu.
  • For reference, view the Customize myVCU video.

Set Home Tab

  • To set the default Home Tab, use the 'Set Home' button in the menu.

Gadget Options

  • Click the gear icon on gadgets to refresh content and update preferences (when available).