VCU Training

VCU Training was developed to support the management of non-credit training classes.  

More than 20 VCU departments use VCU Training to conduct hundreds of classes to train thousands of VCU faculty, staff and students in subjects ranging from Microsoft Word and Project Management to Library 101 and New Employee Orientation.  Also, VCU Training is used for VCU classes that support professional development including the issuance of continuing education credits (CEU's).

Register for Classes

To sign up for a class, visit our catalog and use the Keyword or the Advanced Search to look for classes that you would like to attend.   To register for a class, you then click the "Registration" button, enter your VCU eID, password and other registration information required by the particular class sponsor.   Each student will receive a reminder email prior to the class.

Manage your Classes

VCU Training allows a VCU department to enter class information including

  • Class Title
  • Date/Time
  • Maximum Number of Students
  • Location
  • Cost
  • Intended Audience
  • Course Description
  • Departmental Contact

VCU Training manages each course by handling

  • student registration
  • email reminders
  • class evaluation
  • attendance tracking
  • reporting 

If your department is interested in using VCU Training to manage your non-credit classes, please email the Training Webmaster.