SAS (Archive)

Software Description: SAS (Statistical Analysis Software) is a statistical analysis program.

Platform: Windows, Linux, App2Go server, Koti server.
Cost: No charge for authorized use. $20 to purchase Windows and Linux installation USB drive at RamTech.

Teaching and Research Use (only)

VCU has a University site license that allows the use of SAS for VCU Academic Education and Research only.  It does NOT allow use for administrative purposes (see below) or uses by VCUHS employees.

Administrative Use

The SAS University site license can only be used to support VCU Academic Education and Research.  Technology Services has purchased a few SAS Admin licenses to support the administrative use of SAS.

  • Accessing the Banner ODS Data

    The use of specially provided admin tools (e.g., SAS Enterprise Guide) to access data on the Banner ODS (Operational Data Store), such as HR, finance, or student records data, does not require a separate SAS Admin license.  For assistance with obtaining those tools and accessing the Banner ODS data, please contact your Banner data provider.  For Banner resources, please visit:

    SAS Resources for Banner Data Owners and Reporting

  • General Admin Use

    If "regular" SAS is installed on a PC, its use (and use of its sub-products Enterprise Guide, Enterprise Miner, etc.) for administrative purposes DOES require a SAS Admin license (for any data - Banner or non-Banner).  To request a SAS Admin license, please complete the following brief survey to determine your SAS Admin needs:

    Request a SAS Admin license

More Information on SAS