Software Description:  ImageNow (also known as Perceptive Content by Lexmark) is a secure, user-friendly document imaging and workflow management tool that allows your department to easily capture, organize and manage documents. Using ImageNow, your department can scan paper, import digital-born records, index, annotate, retrieve, print, export, email, share and run custom reports on electronic documents. ImageNow on the VCU campus is approved to store sensitive data (category I) excluding credit card numbers and VCUHS patient records. 

Platform: VCU ImageNow can be accessed using a desktop client or web client.  

Cost: No charge for client licenses, storage space or implementation and support services.   ImageNow is for departmental use only.

Costs to purchase new scanner hardware, replacement parts and related licensing varies.  If you would like additional information about using ImageNow in your department or acquiring hardware and its licensing, please contact the  VCU IT Support Center at (804) 828-2227 or submit a service desk request.

System Access 

VCU ImageNow » Desktop Client (Standard) - standard desktop client and installation instructions.  Recommended for university members who capture, index, or export ImageNow documents.

VCU ImageNow » Desktop Client (Chocolatey) - desktop client installer for IT support who use Chocolatey.  Not recommended for upgrading ImageNow scan stations.

VCU ImageNow » Web Client - web client is recommended for university members who primarily search for and review ImageNow documents.  

VCU Web VPN » More Info - VCU VPN is required to access ImageNow off campus.


More Information

NOTE: VCUHS ImageNow supports patient related records. Contact (804) 828-6447 for VCUHealth assistance.