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Web Services

The Web Services team maintains and builds university websites and applications in support of academics, research, and marketing. Web Services supports functions such as account creation, web server management, application development, blogging, form development, web governance, web search, web content management and web publishing. 

For news and updates visit our Web Services blog.

For information regarding VCU website standards visit the VCU Web Standards.

Our Staff

Yucha, Jim 828-2234 jyucha 843059
Bunyasrie, Prasit 828-3884 pbunyasrie 843059
Causey, Adam 828-9592 apcausey 843059
Eisner, Joel 828-8156 eisnerjr 843059
Forrest, Corie 827-6499 cmforrest 843059
Harris, Leonard  828-1177 ltharris 843059
Huangfu, Donghai 827-0068 dhuangfu 843059
Leonard, Terry 827-1644 tleonard 843059
Reisinger, Richard 828-3660 reisingerrc 843059
Toth, Jim 827-1227 jjtoth 843059
Van Schaack, Andrew 828-6964 avanschaack 843059
Yerkes, Sam 827-0067 syerkes 843059