Data Storage Options

Classify and Store regulated and sensitive data

The following section provides general guidance around tools and services available to VCU employees and students to classify and store potentially sensitive University information.

1) First, classify your data - VCU Data Classification Tool

This tools applies to data generated, collected, processed, transmitted  or otherwise handled by the University for its academic, research, community engagement and administrative functions, and any third party data used by University personnel for university related business. Depending on the type of data the tool will determine the sensitivity classification - Category I, Category II or Category III


2) Storage Options - Data Management System

After you have determined the classification of your data using the tool mentioned above, use the Data Management System (DMS). DMS is an educational tool to assist you to find the service allowability of storage, network, transmission and processing of data. 


NOTE: Additionally, while it is important to know where you can store your data, it is equally important to learn about how long you can store your data. Please refer to the Records Management Office to learn more about record retention schedules applicable to all of us.

This article was updated: 08/23/2017