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Mobile App

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Before following the activation steps below you must provide your mobile number to VCU Telecommunications at 828-2227 (press option 2) so that we can enter it into the server.  Once that is complete you can follow the steps below.
Download Quick Reference Guides (Note:  Not all features may be enabled in VCU's configurations)

AVST Mobile App - Android Quick Reference Guide

AVST Mobile App - iPhone Quick Reference Guide 

1. Go to the mobile app store or Google play store and search for the “AVST Mobile” app. Download and install it.
2. Open the App and select "login"
3. When prompted for a server name enter (do not use https in the server name field)
 Mobile App Server Info
4. Confirm "Use secure connection (SSL) is enabled.
5. Press Next and enter your 5 digit mailbox number and security code and the cell number you providd to VCU Telecommunications
Mobility App Credentials
6. Under notification options select  “maybe later”
Mobile App Notifications 
7.Press next and press Finish