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Sudaan and SAS Procedures: Similar Functionality

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In the SAS 9.4 menus, select: Help > SAS Help and Documentation

Output Delivery System:

What's New in SAS ODS Graphics Procedures 9.4

SAS 9.4 Output Delivery System

Statistical Graphics Using ODS


Differences between the ODS Graphics Procedures and SAS/GRAPH Procedures

SAS 9.4 ODS Statistical Graphics: Getting Started

SAS 9.4 ODS Statistical Graphics: Procedures Guide

Statistical Graphics Using ODS

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SAS Books

SAS Bookstore - The definitive source for books about all things SAS.  E-book format only.  Academic discounts are available.

Free SAS E-Books - Several free e-books provided  by SAS, Inc.

Safari Books Online - These and many other SAS and computer related books may be viewed online at no charge by VCU students, faculty, and staff, because of VCU Libraries subscription with Safari Books Online:

The Little SASĀ® Book: A Primer, Fifth Edition

Learning SAS by Example

Cody's Data Cleaning Techniques Using SASĀ®, Second Edition

SAS Statistics by Example

SAS Support and Resources

Connect With SAS - Interact with SAS Inc. experts - virtually or in person.

SAS Support Communities - SAS Virtual Communities enable everyone to ask questions, exchange ideas, get tips and more. They include the SAS Programming Community, SAS Analytics U Community, and the Administration & Deployment Community.  Note especially the New SAS User community.

SAS-L Listserv - SAS-L is a worldwide online community of SAS software users.  Participants discuss various aspects of SAS and help one another solve SAS-related problems.

SAS Knowledge Base - The knowledge base at SAS Inc. contains a wealth of user information about the SAS system.

(new)  SAS Technical Chat - Instantly connect with experienced technical support consultants at SAS Inc., who can help troubleshoot your issue or answer your questions.

SAS Free Tutorials - Free online tutorials at SAS Inc. on various topics.

Learn Base SAS Programming - A variety of free tutorials and other training options.

SAS Starter Kit - The perfect place for SAS newbies to start, outlining the five essential steps to help you learn the basics, grow your skills, and connect with other users from around the world.

SAS Webinars - View free on-demand webinars produced by SAS Inc. on various SAS topics.  Organized by toipic and industry.  For basic SAS webinars, choose the SAS Platform topic and leave industry unselected.

SAS Global Forum - Attend the annual international conference of SAS users and enthusiasts, held in a different US city in the spring of each year.  Take advantage of hundreds of workshops, presentations, demos, and networking opportunities that will broaden your skills.  Exchange ideas with experts and peers, and explore new ways of using SAS.  Academic discounts are available.

*** SAS Global Forum and SUGI Proceedings ***  - The papers presented during all SAS Global Forum (formerly known as SUGI) workshops and presentations are maintained online as PDF files, available to all at no charge.  This is an incredible resource of SAS information.  The papers are typicaly organized by several methods, including by topic, skill level, and industry, depending on the conference.  At the above site, scroll down to the Past Conferences section, then click on the desired Proceedings link.

Local and Regional User Groups - Regional conferences provide the benefits of SAS Global Forum in a more convenient location.  Here are some that are nearby.

Virginia SAS Users Group (VASUG) - Meets quarterly in Richmond, VA.  Annual dues are $15 ($5 for students).  Meetings are typically one day or a half day.  Admission is $5 for non-members.

DC SAS Users Group (DCSUG) - Meets quarterly in Washington, DC, at the Bureau of Labor Statistics Conference Center (near the Union Station Metrorail stop).  Meetings are typically a half day.  There is generally no fee to attend meetings.  If you decide to join, annual dues are $10.  Important:  Due to security measures at the meeting center, to attend a meeting you must notify DCSUG in advance in order to be allowed entry.  Details are on the website.

SouthEast SAS Users Group (SESUG) - Holds 3-day conferences annually in the fall in a city in the southeast US.  The October 20-22, 2019, conference will be in Williamsburg, VA.

*** Regional User Group Proceedings *** - This site houses the papers presented at several regional user groups (such as SESUG) over the past years.  You can select an individual user group or perform a search among all groups by paper title or author.  This is an excellent SAS resource.

SAS Technical Tips - Browse for your favorite technical tips from SAS Tech Report.

VCU SAS Tips, Links & FAQs - Helpful hits are provided on using SAS.

UCLA SAS Portal - SAS resources available at the UCLA Institute for Digital Research and Education.

This article was updated: 03/7/2019