Statistical Consulting Services

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Statistical consulting services for current VCU faculty, staff and students are provided by appointment by graduate students and faculty from VCU Statistical Sciences & Operations Research.    

Two Levels of Consulting Services Are Provided:

Free Services

The goals of our free statistical consulting services are to provide:

  • Current VCU faculty, staff, and students with the statistical advice and technological know-how so that you may independently analyze your data.
  • Support for you to do your own research work; it is not our goal to do your research for you or provide free tutoring.
  • Information about available analytical and instructional resources.
  • Direction in and understanding of your statistical analyses and the software in which you are working. 

Conditions of Free Statistical Consulting Services:

  • Each currently enrolled VCU student is offered 4 hours of no charge consulting per semester. 
    Additional time may be requested by the student’s adviser by email. 
  • Each VCU faculty/staff member is offered 4 hours of no charge consulting per project.
  • If you "No Show" for an appointment, it counts as a 1-hour visit.   
  • We can suggest various analyses which can be performed on your data, as well as give the pros/cons. The decision on which to use is up to you (or you and your advisor/dissertation committee).

Statistical Consulting Services Provided:

  • Study and experiment design
  • Statistical planning for grant writing
  • Selection of Statistical Software
  •  Data Collection and Data Management Strategies
  • Power Analysis / Sample Size Determination
  • Choice of Appropriate Statistical Methods
  • Understanding Your Statistical Analysis
  • Interpreting Your Results
  • Statistical Software Installation / Upgrade Support 

Fee-Based Services

The following services may be provided on a fee for service basis:

  • Write program code for you 
  • Analyze data for you 
  • Provide one-on-one tutoring in statistics and/or software packages

Financial arrangements are negotiated between the client and the consultant.

Consulting Appointments:

  • To request consulting services, please email
  • Appointments may be made for times outside the walk-in schedule.
  • Consultation often requires multiple appointments.
  • Appointments are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • During peak times, it may take 1-3 weeks to get an appointment.
Walk-In Consulting Schedule

Harris Hall, Rm. 4123
Monroe Park Campus
1015 Floyd Ave.


Tuesday 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm  

What We Can’t  Do:

  • Do Your Homework For You
    Please see your professor or TA for coursework help.
  • Turn Back the Clock
    • Data analysis often takes longer than people often plan for. 
    • To ensure you meet your deadlines, start early and set aside sufficient time to prepare your grant request or analyze your data.

Co-Authorship and Acknowledgement:

If the Statistical Consultant contributes in any substantial way to a publication, with advice, planning, or analysis, then he or she is entitled to be a co‐author (if their material is being used), and in that case the statistical consultant also has a responsibility for the publication as a whole as outlined in the JAMA criteria.

Otherwise, a statement of acknowledgment similar to the following may be appropriate:   

"The Statistical Consulting Service at Virginia Commonwealth University and in particular [name the consultant] assisted with the design and analysis of this experiment [or study or project]."

Articles: Please send copies of all articles that recognize the Statistical Consulting Service at Virginia Commonwealth University to

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