End User Server Request / Provisioning Checklist


  1. New Applications must be reviewed by IT Governance before any work or equipment orders are made. 
  2.  A Server Provisioning Request is submitted via Server Provisioning Plan Generator.
  3.  A Server Provisioning Request generates an email to the requestor which directs them to complete a sensitive data/security plan.  If approved, by CISO, the request can be processed.  
  4.  A consultation occurs between the requestor and UCC staff to determine the required specifications.  The requestor should be able to enumerate the following: purpose of application, disk requirements, memory requirements, CPU requirements, OS version compatibility, back up needs, any dependent asset requirements, and specific network requirements (including database connections, end user connections, and all other tcp traffic required to ensure application functionality.)  Vendor contact may be required if incomplete or insufficient information is submitted.  This will cause delays in the provisioning of the request.
  5.  If hardware is required, please allow between 7-10 days for processing and shipping.
  6.  Once the analysis is completed, the request will be assigned to an OS engineer for execution.
  7.  Dependent on workload, it may take up to 15 workdays to complete a provisioning request once it has been assigned to an OS engineer.

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This article was updated: 01/25/2019