Retention and Disposition Requirements

DocuSign is an electronic signature solution and not intended as a long-term storage solution for University records.  A copy of completed documents will reside in DocuSign no longer than 18 months.  

It is the sender's responsibility to ensure the official/public record is archived in a long-term storage solution, retained and destroyed in accordance with the VCU Records Management policy and time periods listed in the Library of Virginia’s Retention and Disposition Schedules.

For a list of applications approved for long-term storage, please visit Technology Services Where Can I Store My Data? page.

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How do I gain access to DocuSign?

Default Access

All active University students, faculty, staff, and affiliates have access to receive, complete, and sign documents sent to them in DocuSign.  Use your email address at the following URL, and you will be redirected to the VCU CAS page for authentication:

NOTE:  VCU employees with a email address must use their for actions requiring elevated access. Issues logging on to VCU CAS should be reported to the VCU Technology Services IT Support Center at 828-2227.  

Elevated Access (per request)

Please note that each individual requesting elevated access must submit his/her own request for access. You may not request elevated access on behalf of another person.

DocuSign Sender

If you are designated by your department/unit as a sender, you will need to request DocuSign Sender access. Sender access is required to upload and sign or send documents for signature.  

DocuSign Author

If you need to be able to create templates or PowerForms used by your department, you will need to request DocuSign Author access. Please note that Author includes the ability to Send.

DocuSign Developer

DocuSign Developer access is required to integrate University applications with DocuSign leveraging APIs.  The VCU DocuSign support team will provide guidance regarding the implementation. More information is available at the DocuSign Developer Center.

Requesting Elevated Access 

To request elevated access, submit the appropriate category of the request to the IT Support Center, under Application/System, DocuSign. 


Any questions, please let us know!