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Central Services

Central Services provides support and services for the VCU community in the following areas: 

  • IT Service Management Office is leading the adoption of the ITILĀ® framework for VCU Technology Services (VCU TS). This team coordinates planning and implementation for processes based on the ITILĀ® framework across VCU TS with the goal to improve service consistency and reliability.  

  • The Project Management Office provides information on the various aspects of project management activities at the University.

    If you are unable to locate the information you require or have any questions about Project Management, please contact the Project Management Office at

Our Responsibilities

Our Staff

 Bostick, Jim 827-0390 jsbostick   843059
Fiscal & Administrative Services Phone Email Box
Tucker-Battle, Felita 828-8147 fmtucker 843059
Brown-Pike, Wendy 828-8148 kwbrownp 843045
Dermer, Caroline 828-1039 cdermer 843059
James, Tomekia 828-5870 tdjames 843059
Van Buskirk, Derek 828-8470 vanbuskirkdj 843059
IT Service Management Office   
Mattauch, Thom 827-0532 mattauchtj 843008
Adams, Hope 828-3653 adamsh 843008
Fauntleroy, Kena 828-8734 klfauntleroy 843008
Halunko, Lucy 828-7713 lhalunko 843008
Project Management Office   
Covington, Mark 828-7741 vmcovington 843059
Kilgo, Craig 827-3954 crkilgo 843059
Mays, Sean 828-0926 sdmays 843059

 Central Services org chart