SAS® for Teaching/Research

SAS® for Teaching & Research Use

Virginia Commonwealth University has a site License agreement for current VCU students, faculty and staff to use SAS® on PCs on campus and at home to support teaching and research use.  

Also, SAS is available for teaching and research use on VCU Technology Services servers:

SAS® for Administrative Use

A separate SAS® license and separate installation media are used for VCU administrative use.  Please visit SAS for Administrative Use.

SAS® Teaching and Research Use License Restrictions

  • Current VCU faculty, staff, and students may install and use SAS on both university-owned machines and personally owned machines for use both on and off campus for VCU teaching and research purposes only.  Installation on any other machines and use for any other purpose is forbidden.   It may NOT be used for work for VCUHS, VAMC or other employers, non-profits or other third parties.
  • Those classified in Banner as current "affiliates" may only use SAS on campus, on university owned machines for VCU Teaching and research purposes.  
  • Upon leaving VCU, remove ALL VCU licensed SAS® products from your office, laptop, and home computer.
  • Do NOT resell or distribute the SAS® license or software.
  • Do NOT reverse assemble, reverse engineer or decompile the Software or otherwise attempt to access the source code.
  • Do NOT use the SAS® logo in SAS® applications developed by VCU.
  • Do NOT post SAS® license codes (aka SID files or setinits) on personal or departmental websites.
  • Do NOT export SAS® outside the USA.  
  • Because of changing federal regulations regarding exporting software outside the USA, before you transfer any VCU licensed software outside the USA,  you are required to contact VCU Technology Services to obtain current regulations.  Note:  Sophos Anti-Virus is an exception - it may be downloaded and used in any country.

Note: Violation of the license policy may result in civil or criminal legal actions as well as University disciplinary action.  Review the VCU Computer and Network Resource Use Policy for compliance details.