T4 Support Services


Open Consultation

Web Services provides open consultation every Wednesday and Friday from 10:00am - 11:00am. To check for cancellations, locations, add these open consultations to your calendar, and find more information, please visit the Web Services Consultation page.

One-On-One Consultations

For a more bespoke and personal conversation, book a free one-on-one consultation through appointlet.vcu.edu; pick the time and the place, and we'll see you there. This information can also be found on the Web Services Consultation page.

Additional Resources

VCU Community Wiki

The VCU community has established a community wiki for documentation on T4, at go.vcu.edu/t4docs. Any VCU T4 users are invited to edit and add documentation as they see fit. Users can even export the entire wiki space as a pdf for printing by navigating to the bottom left-hand corner and click on "Space tools > Content Tools." Once a new page opens go to the "Export" tab and select "PDF."

WUG Mailing List

All T4 users need to sign up for the WUG-L mailing list if they haven't already done so to receive updates about T4, VCU's web community, and other important information.

T4 Basics Class

Web Services offers an in-person class for users brand new to T4. Classes are usually offered once a month and are limited to 10 people. Users on the T4-Group listserv will be notified when new classes are made available. You can also check current availability at go.vcu.edu/t4basics.

Download the T4 Basics reference guide.

VCU Web Accessibility Training

Web Services has begun offering a 2-hour, in-depth accessibility training session to learn about why web accessibility is important, and how to make your sites Federally/University accessible. Please sign up at the VCU Training website.

T4 Documentation

T4 provides its own documentation on its extranet. The community extranet can be accessed via the Help tab > Community. (You have to be logged into T4 first before you can access)

T4 Forum

T4 provides community forum for users to collaborate with other users and T4 staff (outside of just the VCU community). VCU users are encouraged to post or scan the threads! (You have to be logged into T4 first before you can access)

This article was updated: 02/11/2019