Web Accessibility Fundamentals Training

To sign up and complete the Web Accessibility Fundamentals course, first login to SiteImprove Academy using your VCU credentials. The initial login creates your user account in the system.

Directions to access SiteImprove Academy.

If you haven't ever logged into VCU's SiteImprove, follow these steps: 

  1. Sign into VCU's Siteimprove at https://siteimprove.vcu.edu. This automatically creates an account for you. Notice you don't have any websites under your management; you'll need to request access to websites. 
  2. On the upper right, to the left or your name, click "Help Center." A drop down menu will appear, and the very bottom option will be "Academy." Click on it. 
  3. A new tab will open requesting your Email. This is ALWAYS your eID@vcu.edu. 
  4. This is the SiteImprove Dashboard. On the upper left of the page, you'll see "Course Library." Click there.
  5. Click the Web Fundamentals: Accessibility, Analytics, and SEO tab.
  6. Then select the Web Accessibility Fundamentals course. It includes four modules.